Jean Wilson Murray – Professional Background

My professional background:

Jean Wilson Murray, MBA, PhD

Summary of Experience

I am a professional writer with over 35 years of experience in teaching, writing, and blogging on business and communication topics.

Areas of Writing Experience

I have written in many areas of business, centering on topics relating to small business management, small business startup, entrepreneurship, and business communications.

My business writing includes several published works on small business topics, beginning in 1983. See my Amazon Author page and my Goodreads author page for more details.

I have experience with academic writing, including my PhD dissertation.

My writing experience includes 8 years of experience as a blogger with several online companies and with my own blogs. I have been writing for (U.S. Business Law & Taxes) since 2008.

Fiction Writing Training

Since beginning my fiction writing work, I have been working on my fiction writing skills:

Midwest Writer’s Workshop, Muncie, Indiana, July 2013

Writer’s Digest Online Course: 12 Weeks to a First Draft (June-August 2013)

Writers in Paradise Conference, Fiction Writers Workshop, January 2014.

Books on writing: See reviews of writing books on my website.

Other Skills and background

Polished, experienced public speaker. I have been speaking publicly since the 1980s, at conferences, workshops, commencement addresses. I know how to give a PowerPoint presentation and I am comfortable talking with both small and large groups. I have been involved with Toastmasters as a participant and as an advisor for student groups. I have won a “Competent Communicator” designation.

Expertise in grammar and sentence skills.  For four years, I taught classes in grammar and usage for court stenographers.  (Try making that one interesting!)  I know an adverb from a participle and how to use each correctly in a sentence.

Deadline driven, punctual, and conscientious.  I follow directions and deliver what is required when it is due.

Proficient in Word, Excel, QuickBooks, PowerPoint, WordPress, Adobe Acrobat.  I have been around computers since the mid-1980s and I know my way around computer applications and the Internet.

Professional career

I have been a professional writer and educator for over 30 years.  My background includes personnel and employee benefits management positions, educational administration, and a faculty member positions in colleges and professional schools. I have owned several successful businesses, including a computer consulting and word process business in the 1980s and a professional consulting, self-publishing, and writing business (Emence Enterprises LLC), from 2003 to present.

Academic Credentials

MBA in small business management from Cleveland State University, 1974
PhD in Management from Walden University, 2000.